The Importance of a Good Skincare Regimen

There’s a lot that cosmetic dermatologists can do to improve the quality and appearance of skin. We can use injectables, chemical peels, and lasers to smooth, plump, and even out skin tone, leading to fresher, younger-looking skin. Yet despite all these great options available, nothing can take the place of a consistent skincare regimen.

Here are the benefits of taking care of your skin on a daily basis, and why it is so important.

Remove unwanted substances from the skin

Cleansing is the first step of any skincare regimen, and it’s arguably the most important. Over the course of the day, our skin picks up minute amounts of whatever it comes into contact with, including dirt, oils, particulate matter from air pollution, bacteria, and makeup. These substances can clog the pores, leading to breakouts, or even worse, cause aging, hives, rashes, and eczema.

To get rid of all these unwanted substances, cleanse thoroughly at night by massaging your cleanser into your skin with clean hands and rinsing thoroughly. It’s also a good idea to cleanse after a workout and when you wake up, too; just don’t cleanse too frequently, or you could irritate your skin and strip it of moisture.

Add moisture back to skin

Moisturizing doesn’t just make your skin look and feel better, it helps it function better, too. Excessive dryness can lead to a compromised skin barrier, which is necessary for keeping vital water and electrolytes in and external chemicals and irritants out. A compromised skin barrier is also associated with chronic low-grade inflammation in the skin, which can break down collagen and lead to deeper wrinkles.

There are so many moisturizers on the market that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one, but the important thing is to choose one that works for you and use it both day and night.

Keep skin looking younger for longer

Cleansing removes particles that can contribute to the breakdown of collagen and moisturizing adds and seals in moisture that keeps skin looking fresh and full. Beyond this, a skincare regimen may contain products that are designed to prevent or fight wrinkles, reduce hyperpigmentation, or smooth out skin texture, all of which can make for younger-looking skin. In particular, Retin-A is a well-studied and highly effective retinoid that helps produce collagen and lessen wrinkles. (You can check out my thoughts on anti-aging creams here).

Consistency is key

The most effective skincare regimen is one you can stick to every day. Make cleansing and moisturizing the centerpiece of your routine, and add in toners, exfoliators, serums, facial masks, and sunscreens when necessary. You can then add in peels, injectables, and lasers to accentuate your healthy, glowing skin and make it look even more fantastic.


If you would like more information on skin care and more, visit my website and give us a call to schedule an appointment. You deserve to look and feel your best! 

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